An Experiment with Radiation and Wheat Grass, part 2


This is part 2 of my experiment. Part 1 is here. To recap:

Experiment name: Will irradiated wheat kernels produce mutated and/or otherwise deformed wheat grass when germinated?

Hypothesis: Wheat berries irradiated with alpha, beta, and gamma radiation will exhibit signs of mutation and/or other visible defects when germinated into wheat grass.

The wheat was irradiated for 408.383 hours at 50uSv/hr, for a total dose of 20.4 mSv, or the equivalent of 1020 Chest x-rays.

Irradiated wheatgrass and measurement of Fiestaware

The control wheat was subjected to background radiation totalling 49uSv, 99.76% less than the irradiated dose, equal to 10 dental x-rays.

Control sample and radiation measurement

The wheatberries were moved into two glass bowls and 250ml of water was added to each. This water will be replaced in 24 hours and the berries should start sprouting shortly.

Wheat berries soaking to start germination


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